A cloud of smoke - Anasarca

El tema "A cloud of smoke" de Anasarca pertenece a su disco "Moribund". La letra de la canción "A cloud of smoke" fue publicada el 20 de November de 2017.

Letra A cloud of smoke - Anasarca

. [based on "a cloud of smoke" by an unknown author]
In the haze of darkness i remember it like yesterday
someone i once used to be
and then it fades away
i feel it around the corner
a thought i never had
i see it in the mirror
and the reflections make me sad
It's a smoke like no other
a scent i can not smell
a story i vaguely remember
with words i can not tell
And then like the morning
when i find myself awake
a dream that has faded gone
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was it my mistake?
But like the ripple of the waves
it fades away like mist
and so i keep on searching
for what i just might be
Looking under every rock
until i finally will see
And in the darkness there is light
the truth becomes all clear
the words of wisdom answer me
what i seek is near
In a cave i find it
dusty, dark, and old
the memories returning
my story can be told
Reality is fleeting
my loved ones fade away
but of that which i have seen
the memories will stay



A cloud of smoke

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Artista: Anasarca
Canción: A cloud of smoke
Duración: 03:24
Estreno: November, 2017
Vistas: 1.275
Álbum: Moribund

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