You Fill Me Up - Barei

El tema "You Fill Me Up" de Barei pertenece a su disco "Throw the Dice". La letra de la canción "You Fill Me Up" fue publicada el 15 de abril de 2016 con su vídeo musical e info.

Letra You Fill Me Up - Barei

-Verse 1-
I’ve never told you
What you mean to me
But you are more than I await...
Maybe I did well
And you’re a godsend...
More than a soulmate ‘cause you really are the things that I am not
You fill in every shortfall!

-Pre Hook-
Baby I’m a shadow
Looking for a light on
And you’re glowing like a candle
Baby I’m a twilight
Going for a sunrise
And you’re rising...

You fill me up!
It’s more than physical!
Baby it’s supernatural!
Baby we got it!
You fill me up!
You’re like a miracle!
Baby you got it! Baby we got it!

-Post Hook-
The more you give...
The less I’m missing!
The more you hold, the less I fall
You fill me up babe!
The more you hope, the less I give in!
The more you smile, the less I cry!
You fill me up babe!

-Verse 2-
[ De: ]
Want you to know that
You are my footprint
Becoming road on every step!
You’re like a lighthouse
When I’m in open sea!
You’re like a mirror
When I see me through your eyes
It’s like I’ve found the other half of me!

-Pre Hook-
Baby I’m a dark side
Dreaming of a deep white
And you’re bringing me to brightness
Baby I’m a loud noise
Looking for a low voice and you whisper...

You fill me up...

-Post Hook-
The more you give...

Everything is better with one another,
With one another baby!
Green is always looking for another tone...
We are only one in a certain way so...
Let me be the red one!
Let me be forever the yin!

You fill me up...

-Post Hook-
The more you give...

Stay here and light the way!
Stay here and light the way!


You Fill Me Up

Abril, 2016
821 vistas

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Artista: Barei
Canción: You Fill Me Up
Duración: 03:56
Estreno: Abril, 2016
Vistas: 821
Álbum: Throw the Dice
Etiquetas: soul, dance pop

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