Letra Shakespeare - Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith

Agosto, 2012

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Shakespeare - Jaden Smith

Artista: Jaden Smith
Canción: Shakespeare
Duración: 03:03
Publicado: Agosto, 2012
Reproducciones: 23.312
Álbum: Shakespeare - Single
Etiquetas: hip hop, rap, pop

Jaden Smith - Shakespeare


Man, I'm young hotness
You dumb hotness
These jokers hotter than the sun
I get so stupid
MSFTS on them jokers so ruthless
I don't know where the roof is
The truth is,
Jaden Smith is probably the smoothest
Making these jokers lose it
Yeah, they couldn't find us
The Beamer stay in the cut
And they pullin' off in some Honda's
These jokers are rockin' diamonds
I don't care bout diamonds
I'mma show 'em what rhyme is
Our freedoms is what they deny us
Pay women designers
Ima just keep it honest,
Man, Ima just keep it truthful
You kick it and make it useful
A little too hot to handle
Like fingertips on the candle
Hawaii sand in my sandals
The only man on my nano is me,
MSFTS well make you scandal
You see us up on the screen
No point in changin' the channel
We cool
No fingerprints on my handle
It's summer in Calabasas
It's way to hot for a flannel
I know
Awards'll stay on my mantel
And people are making fun
But they'll soon know I'm the man in this city
And I don't plan to give pity
My hands are gritty
I'm lookin' for somethin' sexy
Who needs a man to get busy wit'
But girl here's my number
You can hit me up whenever
Cause I'll be here for the summer and,
Me and Manny in my Miami
And I really wanna poker
But they raisin' up the ante, so I'm good
Ima focus and just try to win this Grammy
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And you know I'm bout to do it
And I'll never have a plan b
Man these girls don't understand me
They don't like the lyrics
They just look at me like candy
But your really fine
So I'll take you somewhere sandy
But you start to hate me
But that really come in handy
Cause I'm bout to dip
Goin' to Hawaii
You can get a plane ticket
But I' really doubt you'll try
Cause you know I gotta bunch of fine models when I ride
I can probably get 'em all,
But I'm not that type of guy
Mean I'm not the one for cheating
I'm just always lookin' fly
And you seein' who I be with
When we come up out the sky
And the MSFTS in the evening, and I'll rep it 'til I die
And the joker rockin' zebra
Yeah I said rockin' zebra
Take you to Ibiza
Go see Mona Lisa
Then I'm takin' you to Paris
And the Pyramids of Giza, Uh,
Girl we cooler than the fools that be swagged out
That ride with they tags out
And all of they bags out, ha
And just keep it in yo' closet
Don't tell the whole world if you got it
I'm hypnotic, um
I don't care yo' cars exotic
Look at all my women,
You be watchin' while we swimmin'
Jacuzzi yeah I'm in it
All the states that we just been in
And I'm sippin' tiger blood cause
Lil' homie I be winnin'
You offended, yeah
And I'm sorry you ain't here
Re-incarnation of Shakespeare
Just a few little things that I wanted to make clear
Cause I'm right at the top And I'm plannin' to stay here


Shakespeare - Jaden Smith

Artista: Jaden Smith
Canción: Shakespeare
Duración: 03:03
Publicado: Agosto, 2012
Reproducciones: 23.312
Álbum: Shakespeare - Single
Etiquetas: hip hop, rap, pop

Letra de la canción Shakespeare de Jaden Smith editada en el álbum Shakespeare - Single en Agosto de 2012. Información actualizada el 08 de abril de 2013.

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