Letra Pouring Rain - David Stewart

Pouring Rain - David Stewart

I said baby, "I take you to New York city
I buy you a dress so pretty
Show the whole world that you’re with me"
She said, "Honey, I know that you don’t got he money
But I don’t care ’cause you love me... love me love me"

But you gave me that Sunday morning feelin’
When you’re chillin’ next to me
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Let me bring you breakfast in bed
So that hopefully you’ll see
I’m the man you need beside you ...

We can be free, or we can live dangerous
And we only got ourselves to blame
But you’ll always be loved, it’s unconditional
Now I’m standing here with roses
While you cryin’ in the pouring rain ...

David Stewart

David Stewart

Pouring Rain

Julio, 2013
14.585 vistas

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Artista: David Stewart
Canción: Pouring Rain
Duración: 04:30
Publicada: Julio, 2013
Reproducciones: 14.585
Álbum: Pouring Rain - Single
Etiquetas: r&b, pop, dance pop

Letra de la canción Pouring Rain de David Stewart editada en el álbum Pouring Rain - Single en Julio de 2013. Información actualizada el 2 de julio de 2013.

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