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Letra Lazy Bones - Green Day

Artista: Green Day
Canción: Lazy Bones
Duración: 01:33
Publicado: Septiembre, 2012
Reproducciones: 10.806
Álbum: ¡Dos!
Etiquetas: alternative, punk rock, pop punk, rock, punk

Green Day

Green Day - Lazy Bones

I’m too tired to be bored
I’m too bored to be tired
And the silence is so deafening
it’s like picking at a sore
I’m too mental to go crazy
I’m too drunk too be pure
And my mind is playing tricks on me And I can’t sleep tonight ’cause I’m so tired,

I can’t take it anymore
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With all the liars
Like a prisoner of war
I don’t want your sympathy
I don’t want your honesty
I just want to get some peace of mind
It’s only in my head
As I roll over and play dead
I don’t want to hear it anymore

It’s good to see you but I really must admit
There’s an odor in the air and I think you look like [shit?]

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Letra de la canción Lazy Bones de Green Day editada en el álbum ¡Dos! en Septiembre de 2012.

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