Juicy Wiggle - Redfoo

El tema "Juicy Wiggle" de Redfoo pertenece a su disco "Party Rock Mansion". La letra de la canción "Juicy Wiggle" fue publicada el 21 de November de 2017 con su vídeo musical e info.

Letra Juicy Wiggle - Redfoo

I walk into the part
I've seen something I never saw
Everybody was moving, grooving
Girls, they were dancing on the bar Now this was no ordinary dance
Hey man, why does everybody swim in a trance?
I couldn't figure out like your grandpa's riddle
I asked what they doing and they said JUICY WIGGLE
Now move your hips and dance like this!
Get juicy, get juicy, get juicy
Get juicy, get juicy, get juicy

Now I done just lost my mind
All those people wiggling they stuff
Hey man, you gonna do the dance?
Man, turn that up for what
Give me a shot, I love the shot
Tell them get ready for me
To show you what I got
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Then my body froze up, it was getting to my head
What if I can't do it, then everybody say
Get juicy, get juicy, get juicy!
Two girls are shaking
And I jumped in the middle
Kissing then we do it and they said JUICY WIGGLE!
Get juicy, get juicy, get juicy
Get juicy, get juicy, get juicy

Right about now, we really gonna have some fun
Oh yeah?
I'm talking about taking ???
But first I need some wolves if you want
And a match
Time to light it up, let's go now!
Get juicy, get juicy, get juicy
Aim to let you know we're making it jiggle
So when the beat drops everybody JUICY WIGGLE!
Get juicy, get juicy, get juicy
Get juicy, get juicy, get juicy



Juicy Wiggle

94.310 vistas

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Artista: Redfoo
Canción: Juicy Wiggle
Duración: 03:52
Estreno: Tue 21 de November, 2017
Vistas: 94.310
Álbum: Party Rock Mansion
Etiquetas: dance pop, electropop, lmfao

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