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Letra Freaks - Asher Roth

Artista: Asher Roth
Canción: Freaks
Duración: 01:52
Publicado: Julio, 2013
Reproducciones: 20.161
Álbum: The Greenhouse Effect, Volume 2
Etiquetas: hip hop, rap

Asher Roth

Asher Roth - Freaks

Hear it, hear it!
Freaks, I got my freaks
Freaks, I got my freaks
Freaks, I got my freaks

That bullet popping you do make me kind of hard
You ever thought about movies? I think you’d be a star
I used to watch .. porn alone in the basement
But I don’t watch anymore, now girl, I make it!
So let’s get naked, you can meet my old face
Think my parents ‘ should head on back to your place
You can tie me up, probably when they can beep
Yeah, it’s safety where’
You can handle me, fifty shades of Sasha Grey
Multiply the’ what can I say,
hey, you fulfill my fantasy
Can’ sucking dick under the’?
Just like Santa, shit on you like you’
Go and shoot that fanny,
don’t you try to be romantic, please
Talking, spitting and chocking,
Ripping open till it’s dripping on your thoughts
Ride it in slow motion!

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Freaks, I got my freaks
Freaks, I got my freaks
Freaks, I got my freaks

Those blond bitches with a gap in their teeth
And the Daisy Duke shorts showing off a little cheek
I want a pillow fight
and roll you up inside the sheets
Smoking like a split California ‘
I want red heads and white teeth
Wearing no bra, showing up the ‘
I love it when you’re freezing
and those nipples start to peek
Trying new positions, so can you hold my feet?
Snap shots of fat ass,
smack smack of the glass like a backpack
She has pierced tears and pierced lips
Pierced tongues, pierced nips, and pierced clit.
It’s weird shit, but it’s all good
Do you think, baby like a freaky girl should?
Everybody knows it ain’t as easy as it looks
Personally see, I just wanna fuck!
I’m talking about

Freaks, I got my freaks
Freaks, I got my freaks
Freaks, I got my freaks

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Freaks - Asher Roth

Letra de la canción Freaks de Asher Roth editada en el álbum The Greenhouse Effect, Volume 2 en Julio de 2013.

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