Cinderella - Firefall

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Letra Cinderella - Firefall

[ De: ] Cinderellafirefalllast december i met a girlshe took a likin' to mesaid she loved mebut she didn't know the meaning of the wordshe imagined love to be grandme holdin' her hand andwhisperin' sweet things andcooin' softly like a song birdthen one mornin' she came to mewith a tear in her eye and asigh on her breath lord she said"hon i'm heavy with child"i said "god damn girl can't you seethat i'm breakin'my backjust tryin' to keep my head above waterand it's turnin' me wild"cinderella can't you seedon't want your companyyou better leave this mornin' leave todaytake your love and your child awayrockin' chair on the front porchi'm thinkin' about all the things that i didas a young mannow that i'm oldi remember her and the boydid he have all the toys and the joysthat a young man should havebefore he gets too oldcinderella couldn't you seedidn't want your companyshoulda left that mornin' left that daytook your love and your child away



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Artista: Firefall
Canción: Cinderella
Duración: 03:47
Vistas: 29.200
Álbum: Colorado
Etiquetas: country-rock, dance best pop, firefall, cinderella by firefall, classic rock

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