Celtic Land - Mägo De Oz

El tema "Celtic Land" de Mägo De Oz pertenece a su disco "Celtic Land". La letra de la canción "Celtic Land" fue publicada el 21 de noviembre de 2013 con su vídeo musical e info.

Letra Celtic Land ft. Jonne (Korpiklaani) - Mägo De Oz

Take a look in the mirror,
You will see the kingdom come
Where the spirit of the forest sings this song.
If you think that all your life is empty, come with me.
Welcome to my nightmare, welcome to unreality,
where the rain is rising up and the trees are falling down,
H2OZ is the name...of the kingdom!

Are you ready for this journey to the mystic land
Where the wizard of Oz plays folk metal all through the night?
The spirits of the darkness, they are calling you.
Come with us and don’t forget to dream.

Take a look in the mirror,
You will see the kingdom come
Where the spirit of the forest wants to play this magic song.
Come with us if you’re bored. Let’s embrace the night again.
We will talk about courage and we’ll drink just to forget.
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We must be over the rainbow. We must be over the sun.
Welcome, brother, to my nightmare. Welcome to the Celtic land.

If you feel that all around you is falling apart again,
If your life is empty, we can give you a brand new day.
We will never fail you. All you need is to believe.
We will find that magic world together.

Nothing is forever but we have to sing this song.
In this magic kingdom everything is possible.

Take this happy moment close to the stars.
We will be by your side until we die.

Take a look in the mirror....
Come with me to the Sabbath. You are the warrior of the dark.
The unholy cross is shining. The pagan metal is now... –What?!
We live over the rainbow. We must be over the sun.
We will talk about courage. Welcome to the Celtic land.

Mägo De Oz

Mägo De Oz

Celtic Land

Noviembre, 2013
34.589 vistas

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Artista: Mägo De Oz
Canción: Celtic Land
Duración: 03:55
Estreno: Noviembre, 2013
Vistas: 34.589
Álbum: Celtic Land
Etiquetas: heavy metal, celtic metal, jonne, korpiklaani

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