Canned heat - Jamiroquai

El tema "Canned heat" de Jamiroquai pertenece a su disco "Synkronized". La letra de la canción "Canned heat" fue publicada el 22 de November de 2017 con su vídeo musical e info.

Letra Canned heat - Jamiroquai

You know this boogie is for real.
I used to buy my faith in worship
But then my chance to get to heaven slipped. I used to worry about the future
But then i throw my caution to the wind.
I had no reason to be care free
No no no until i took a trip to the other side of town
Yeah yeah yeah you know i heard that boogie rhythm
Hey i had no choice but to get down down down down.

Dance nothing left for me to do but dance,
Off these bad times i'm going through just dance

Got canned heat in my heals tonight baby

I feel the thunder see the lightning
I know this anger's heaven sent.
[ De: ]
So i've got to hang out all my hang-ups
Because of the boogie i feel so hell bent
It's just an instant gut reaction, that i got
I know i never ever felt like this before,
I dont know what to do
But then thats nothing new,
Stuck between hell and high water
I need a cure to make it through.

Hey- dancing nothing left for me to do but dance
Off these bad times i'm going through just dance,
Hey got canned heat in my heals tonight baby
You know know know i'm gonna dance yeah
Off all the nasty things that people say.

Gonna dance, gonna dance my blues away tonight
Dance, come on got canned heat in my heals tonight
Canned heat in my heals tonight.


Canned heat

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Artista: Jamiroquai
Canción: Canned heat
Duración: 08:59
Estreno: Wed 22 de November, 2017
Vistas: 1.277.091
Álbum: Synkronized
Etiquetas: acid jazz, disco, funk, dance, electronic

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