Burning light - Stinging Rain

La letra de la canción "Burning light" de Stinging Rain fue publicada el 23 de November de 2017 con su vídeo musical e info.

Letra Burning light - Stinging Rain

You can take my riches - you can take them first they are mere distractions - false symbols of worth
you can take the pride of life - i've got a lot to give
you can steal my dreams away - i don't need them to live
but you can never take my soul
You can take my freedom - it's just a state of mind
you can leave me helpless naked and blind
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you can take my hands and tie them bloodtight around my back
you can break my bones 'til the sunlight turns black
but you can never take my soul
Peter walked on water - paul regained his sight
and the face stephen glowed with burning light
and this flesh-born blindness
makes me stumble makes me fall
and i am yearning for the end of it all
you can never take my soul

Stinging Rain

Stinging Rain

Burning light

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Artista: Stinging Rain
Canción: Burning light
Duración: 03:09
Estreno: November, 2017
Vistas: 457
Álbum: Face of stephen

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