Letra Bonnie - Supertramp

Bonnie - Supertramp

Your silver nights and golden days
i try to reach you in a million ways
i´m crazy ´bout you bonnie
can you tell? Your diamond rings and fancy clothes
do i want you babe, well heaven knows
i´m wild about you bonnie
can´t you see, hey bonnie
I´ve loved you oh so long
i know we´d get along
hey bonnie will you ever notice me
Yes i know you oh so well
just one look and i fell
please tell me that our love will always be
I´ve seen your films and all your plays
i read about you every single day
i´d like to get my lovin´arms ´round you
From rags to which you´ve got it made
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how does it feel to be a famous name
well bonnie can you do the same for me
oh bonnie
I feel you in my soul
to love you is my role
oh bonnie you´re the only one for me
Yes i got my fortune read
and here´s what the gypsy said
that we´ll live and love and share eternity
Bonnie please be nice
we´ll find paradise
beneath the golden skies
Bonnie you´re good
make me if you could
the toast of hollywood
I´ll give you all my love
we´ll really live it up
beneath the stars above
Your silver nights and golden days
i try to reach you in a million ways
i´m crazy ´bout you bonnie
can you tell




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Artista: Supertramp
Canción: Bonnie
Duración: 05:38
Vistas: 16.986
Álbum: Famous last words
Etiquetas: supertramp, nuri, rock, tioramon, progressive rock

Letra de la canción Bonnie de Supertramp editada en el álbum Famous last words. Última actualización realizada el 25 de diciembre de 2011.

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