Letra Ants marching - Dave Matthews Band

Ants marching - Dave Matthews Band

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Ants marchingdave matthews bandalbum: under the table and dreaminghe wakes up in the morningdoes his teeth bite to eat and he's rollingnever changes a thingthe week ends, the week beginsshe thinks, we look at each otherwondering what the other is thinkingbut we never say a thingand these crimes between us grow deeper1-take these chances place them in a box until a quieter time lights down, you up and diegoes to visit his mommyshe feeds him well his concerns he forgets themand remembers being smallplaying under the table and dreaming(rpt 1)driving along this highwayall these cars and upon the sidewalkpeople in every directionno words exchanged, no time to exchangewhen all the little ants are marchingred and black antennae wavingthey all do it the samethey all do it the same waycandyman tempting the thoughts of a sweet toothtortured by weight lossprogram cutting cornersloose end, loose endcut, cut on the fence not to offendcut, cut, cut ,cut(rpt 1)lights down you up and diesource: cc from saturday night live

Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews Band

Ants marching

Septiembre, 2008
821.800 vistas

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Artista: Dave Matthews Band
Canción: Ants marching
Duración: 06:00
Estreno: Septiembre, 2008
Vistas: 821.800
Álbum: Under the table and dreaming
Etiquetas: dave matthews band, jam, rock, alternative, 90s

Letra de la canción Ants marching de Dave Matthews Band editada en el álbum Under the table and dreaming en Septiembre de 2008. Última actualización realizada el 25 de diciembre de 2011.

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